Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

We bring forth a comprehensive range of Transformer Oil Filtration Plant that is suitable for all types of electrical insulating oils. Our line of High-Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration and Dehydration Plants are capable of removing moisture (free as well as dissolved), gases, dirt and oxidation products from mineral-based, and synthetic silicon oils and others. Our high standards Transformer Oil Filtration Plant works on the low temperature, high vacuum principle. These systems are in flow rates from 300 LPH to 12000 LPH. We can also offer the clients custom-built plants as per their specifications.

Range :

Transformer / Insulating Oil Filtration and Dehydration Plants / Purifiers are available for :

  • Transformer and capacitor manufacturers : Skid mounted plants for preparation of new oils prior to apparatus filling and impregnation.
  • Transformer Repairers : Complete plants for preparation of new oils and regeneration of used oils for reuse. We can provide the purification system you need as well as vacuum storage tanks and transformer filling and emptying / pumping station.
  • Transformer Owners : Portable plants are available in a variety of trailer-types and sizes to allow on-site servicing of transformer oil right in the substation. Trailers are available with a wide variety of options including laboratory space, oil-testing equipment. Plants are designed for drying out of the transformer insulation and oil filling and impregnation under vacuum. Hot oil circulation and hot oil spray methods can also be used.
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    AR Engineering is a well-established Manufacturer & Exporter of wide array of Industrial Supplies such as Transformer Oil Filtration Plant, Industrial Oil Purification System, Trickle Impregnating Machine and Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant.

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