Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant

We are counted among the top Manufacturers and Exporters of Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant. It is the most effective method of impregnation. The Vacuum pressure cycle of this plant requires two separate tanks, one for processing the part and the other for storing the sealant. This process is used for metal parts that contain extremely small, microscopic pores that may be invisible to the naked eye. We provide complete assistance in the installation of Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant.

The process steps are as follows :

  • Parts are loaded into a process basket and placed into a processing tank.
  • A vacuum is activated in the process tank to remove all air, including air within the pores of the parts.
  • Sealant is transferred from storage tank to the processing tank and the entire basket of parts is submerged.
  • Vacuum is released and desired pressure is added to the process tank using compressed air. This pressure will help the sealant enter the pores.
  • After desired amount of time, the pressure is released and the sealant is drained back into the sealant storage tank.
  • The processing basket full of parts is removed from the processing tank and all parts are washed and final processed according to the metal material and specifications of the part.

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